PRIVACY POLICY for ignousolutionhouse.com

Thank you for visiting our website. Your privacy is paramount. Please familiarize yourself with our practices before engaging with our services.

About Us Website: ignousolutionhouse.com

Comments When leaving comments, we gather pertinent data along with your IP and browser details to combat spam.

Using Gravatar? An anonymized string from your email helps us check. Learn about Gravatar’s privacy: automattic.com/privacy.

Media Uploading images? Avoid those with location data.

Cookies Leaving a comment? We might save your details in cookies for convenience. Temporary cookies are also used to assess browser compatibility. Logging in will save several cookies related to your session and display preferences.

Embedded Content Engaging with embedded content (e.g., videos) is like visiting the original website.

Data Sharing & Retention Initiating a password reset? Expect your IP in the reset email. Comments? They’re stored indefinitely. Registered users? We store your profile details, but you have control over them.

Your Rights Have an account or left comments? Request your personal data file or its deletion, barring any obligatory data.

Data Transferal We might use automated spam detection for comments.

Shopping & Checkout We track product views, locations, IP, browser type, and shipping address. Purchasing necessitates data for order processing, payments, and customer service.

Data is stored per necessity or legal requirement. Comments or reviews you make will be stored.

Team Access & Data Sharing Our team can access your data for order processing, refunds, and support. We collaborate with third-party services for smoother operations.

Payments Payments are facilitated through the cc avenue payment gateway, sharing necessary data.

Refund Policy

At ignousolutionhouse.com, knowledge dissemination is a priority. We offer quality at fair prices with stellar service.

Refund criteria:

(i) Cancellations are viable before dispatch. (ii) Digital products are non-refundable. (iii) Returns/exchanges valid for physical products within 2 days of delivery. (iv) Shipping costs for exchanges/returns are your responsibility. (v) Refunds are processed to your bank account. (vi) Direct concerns to our website.

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